Halibut fishing

Halibut fishing has really grown in Popularity of the past few years as more and more people have discovered how good halibut is!! The Pacific Halibut range in Size from 17-300lbs. Our average Halibut is 20-40 lbs which are known as the “Chicken of the sea” for their desirable white flesh fillets. Halibut live on the seafloor and are an ambush predator. anchoring is the most productive method to fish for this species which makes for a quiet relaxing fishery.


Fishing with Us

Here in Sooke we have access to great year-round Halibut action! Peak times for halibut fishing each year are March until June, with loads of 20-40 lb fish. Halibut fishing peaks again in September until December with a larger average size 30-70lbs here off Sooke.

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